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Make sure you are not paying over the odds for your gas supply

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 Compare business gas prices and switch to a better deal

Not all businesses need a gas supply to function, but those that do need to make sure they are on the best priced commercial gas tariff to help keep costs down. If your business is not cooking on gaslet us tell you everything you need to know to compare quotes and switch to a better deal.


You do not have switch suppliers to get the best deal! Up to 60% of  our customers stay with their current supplier and still save money.

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Our Focus on Service


Our straightforward service helps you save time, money and effort on your business gas prices. Find out how to reduce your bills with Company Saving Expert. Compare business gas quotes today and discover how to reduce your commercial gas bills.

Company Saving Expert takes the hard work out of finding the right supplier for your commercial gas needs with a fast and reliable service. See how much you could save on business gas.

How To Get The Best Deal For Your Business


The trickiest part of finding a better business gas quote is fully understanding the needs of your business and working out which deal is going to be the best fit for your company. You might think the cheapest gas tariff is the best deal for your business, but while getting a cheaper deal will no doubt be your top priority, if the supplier is unreliable, or has poor customer service, it could end up costing you more in the long run.

To make sure you are on the best deal with the best supplier, let us check out all the business energy suppliers’ to find out what you can expect from each supplier and help you make a more informed decision.

It is important to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of paying too much for your business gas. Get saving today, call us on 01482 764774 to switch tariff.

Company Saving Expert provides expert advice and assistance to find the right solution for all your business gas needs.

Company Saving Expert

Switch your business gas supplier with Company Saving Expert

Our business gas team provides a comprehensive, accurate and informative comparison of suppliers based on your business’s gas requirements. Once we have found you the best supplier we can ensure you have a smooth transition.

Simply call us on 01482 764774 or Request a call back and tell us about your business’s gas requirements and we will do the rest of the work — getting back to you with quotes from the most suitable gas suppliers.

What Business Gas Tariffs Are Available?


Switching between commercial gas suppliers is not quite as straightforward as setting up a new home gas tariff. You can not,for example, choose from a list of  tariffs, as you would when switching home gas. Instead, you have to contact each supplier individually and request a quote. Each supplier will then look at your business, assesing things like your location and current consumption and then offer you a bespoke business gas quote based on all this information.

On one hand, this bespoke service means you will get a deal that is perfect for the needs of your business, but because it is unlikely that two businesses will ever have the same business gas contracts, it can be difficult to identify exactly which tariff best suits your needs.

To help give you a better understanding of how your tariff messures up against the rest of the market, here are the most common gas tariffs offered to small to medium sized businesses:

  • Fixed rate tariffA fixed rate business gas tariff allows you to pre-agree unit rates with your supplier and pay these rates throughout the duration of the contract. These rates are usually competitive, but you should always run a business gas comparison before agreeing to any deal, to make sure you can not get better rates elsewhere.

  • Deemed rate tariffDeemed rate tariffs work on 28 days rolling terms that come into effect if you fail to formally agree a new contract with your supplier before your current deal ends. Deemed rate contracts charge inflated rates, but you can switch from these more costly tariffs by giving just 28 days notice.

  • Rolling ContractA rolling contract ties you into a new, year long contract on inflated rates. You can sometimes negotiate a new contract on blend and extend terms, which allows you to agree new lower rates by signing up to a new long term contract, but these new rates will still not be as competitive as others you could find elsewhere on the market. Rolling contracts are not as common as they used to be, as most suppliers now offer deemed rates instead, which is a much fairer price plan.

If you sre currently on deemed rates, or a rollover contract, then you are most likely paying well above average for the gas your business is using, and you should look to switch as soon as possible to start saving.

But do not take valuable time out of your day to ring around all the suppliers, let us find a cheaper business gas quote and switch you to a better deal – call us today on 01482 764774 to speak with one of our team.

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How To Compare Business Gas Quotes

Even if you feel you are getting good prices for your business gas, there is always the chance that there is a better deal on offer. But the terms of commercial gas contracts means businesses are only allowed to switch once these contracts have entered a renewal window, which is usually six months before the current deal is about to expire.

Once your energy deal enters its renewal window, your current supplier should send you a new renewal offer, but these terms are very rarely competitive, so it makes sense to run a business gas comparison to see the better rates on offer.

You can compare gas electricity tariffs and switch to a new deal in just five steps:

  • Approach suppliers for business gas quotes

  • Choose which business gas tariff will best suits your needs

  • Apply for the new business gas contract with the new supplier

  • Inform your previous supplier of the switch

  • Wait for your new business gas supply to take effect

There is one big long snag though, the only way to make absolutely sure you are on the best deal is to go through the same process with each and every supplier, we currenlty have over 40. That is why it makes sense to let a business gas broker do all the hard work for you. One simple phone call to Company Saving Expert is all it takes to give our team all the information they need to run a range of business gas quotes on your behalf.

Call Company Saving Expert on 01482 764774 or request a call back for help taking the hassle out of comparing commercial gas rates. If your business gas contract is not in its renewal window (i.e. you are not allowed to switch supplier) you can opt to have the situation monitored for you and call you back when it is the right time to switch.

And, after you have switched your business gas, get reminders each time your contract is about to end so we can help you through the process again.

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